Agawe: Adventures in the Spirit World


P r o l o g u e

“The Encantor King escaped?” Buso King exploded.

“Don’t worry!  The spell has surely weakened him…”

“Fools! You Tagamalings are fools! Did your godly nature come over you and let him escape?” the Buso King growled.

The Tagamaling reasoned calmly, “It’s not our time to become buso. You forced us against our nature, but even then we delivered the Encantor Kingdom to you!”

“Without the King!” he snarled, “You let the most powerful Encantor escape!”

“You sent us to do the job instead of your stupid buso-animals… because you know that only us can enter that Kingdom to unleash your evil spell! Now you call us fools!”

“Because you are fools! Half-god and half-buso! Brainless fools!”

“And you?! Trying to be as powerful as the Encantor King… you are jealous of him because your evil power… your magic spell can only make you appear more horrible while the Encantor King enjoys a magnificent and striking countenance…”

The Buso King growled and leapt on the Tagamaling who quickly fled.

“Come back!” the Buso King’s beastly screams shook the depressing cave.

“Now… now…” Induwa spoke in honeyed voice, “forget him… you have the Encantor kingdom …”

“But not the King’s soul!”

“You now have hundreds of Encantor souls… soon you will have under your control an army of young powerful Encantors.”

The Buso King calmed down and slithered to Induwa, “And you are going to bring me young girls…. many human girls…”

“But there’s a little problem… my sirings can not lure as many girls.   There is a place upground they cannot shift forms. There’s a power protecting the land from evil.”

“What?!” the Buso King thundered. “And what is this power?”

“It’s from a mysterious stone in the hand of a human. It protects his land.  Sirings can only lure girls from his neighboring villages.”

“Hmmm… a human with a magical stone,” he mused. “And you can’t deal with one human?” he roared and grabbed Induwa’s throat with large hairy hands.

“I will… give you girls… more human girls…” Induwa gasped.

Buso King released her. “Deliver them to me before the moon turns red!” he barked and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Induwa was left seething, “You ugly, stupid beast!” She screamed horribly which shook her cavernous abode and sent a flurry of bats scampering for cover.

Induwa transformed to a wrinkled, hideous witch. She walked to a huge black cauldron, holding a long staff with a small human skull on one end.

The embers under the huge pot burst into flame. Induwa stirred the bubbling cauldron with her staff until an image appeared, an image of a human with a purple stone hanging from a black cord around his neck.

“I will have that stone, human! And its power will be mine!

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