Hi, my name is Ayong, the best friend of Agawe.

I started out to be his only best friend until Gayon came into the picture. Well, Gayon was at first villainy but we later on found him to be a good guy. Gayon is actually my blood relative but I did not know that until the end of the first book.

Both Gayon and I are grandsons of Apo Abet. I am actually the grandnephew because my grandmother was Apo Abet’s sister but when both my grandmother and mother died, Apo Abet raised me like a real grandson.

At the end of Book 1, I married Agawe’s sister Ingan and Agawe became my brother-in-law. Don’t tell Gayon but I really believe I deserved to be called Agawe’s best friend because there could only be one best friend, right?

Anyway, the three of us got the adventure of our lives in Book 2. We were transported into another world, the spirit world. We met the enchanted men of the Encantor Kingdom, the birdmen, and the little people called the Dilikans. Looking forward to another adventure with Agawe who could not seem to stay put. With him, there is always an adventure lurking in the shadows.

Mini Glossary:

Apo – grandmother or grandfather; also refers to a grandchild; can also be used to address a very old person not related to you as a sign of respect.

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