Bohemian Artist Noel David: A Hero


Noel DavidI will not even attempt to describe or define Noel David as an artist because I cannot find the right word. I will let his works speak for themselves!

Actually, I found intriguing a caption under one of Noel’s pictures – he was called  “Bohemian artist Noel David”.

Bohemian means a person — as an artist or writer – who lives and acts FREE of regard for conventional rules and practices.  There may be times when Noel’s imagination runs free and out of conventions, but when it comes to his art, Noel lives by this principle:  THE SUM OF THE WHOLE PICTURE IS GREATER THAN THE INDIVIDUAL PARTS!

To understand this principle better, let me point you to Noel’s site where he has chronicled his journey to producing 3 incredible works of art: BF Homes Mural Part 1, Dekada Setenta, BF Mural Part 2,  and his entry to Guinness Book of World Records known as Manila-US Times Wall of Fame (2012-2013).

The story behind these murals involved things bigger than the artist himself: friendship, death, and exorcism. That’s right – it’s a story of heroism! The story of one man’s sheer determination to stop the plague of death in his hometown armed only with his mind-blowing artistic skill  and a strong willpower.

Get to know Noel David and His works!



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