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At this stage of the course you have chosen your niche. Now we are going to show you how to take this niche and create your very own website… for FREE within Wealthy Affiliate ūüôā

First we want to explain the difference between a Free website and a website that you OWN.

Your Own Website vs. A Free Website

Having your own domain name is ideal and gives you a huge competitive advantage when it comes to succeeding online. For example, if you owned your own domain it would look something like this…

To host your own websites here, you have to be a Premium member.

When starting out it is not 100% necessary as we do provide TWO free websites to you as a Starter member. At Wealthy Affiliate we have one of the top Website Builders in the world called SiteRubix (you find it under the SiteRubix link in the main menu). This allows you to easily install both free websites and if you are a Premium member, websites on your own domain.

You can actually register domains here within Wealthy Affiliate as well through the SiteDomains platform as both a Starter or Premium member.

Today you are going to create a free website targeted to the niche that you have chosen in the previous lesson.

Choosing Your Domain Name…

When you create a free website today, you will choose a extension (subdomain). I suggest choosing something that is highly relevant to your niche.

For example, if your niche was “Macbook Air Cases”, your domain name would be:

And your website name would be:

Macbook Air Cases

As a Free member here at Wealthy Affiliate, you get 2 free websites, so If you make a mistake initially, you can always choose another one in the future and you can delete ones that you don’t want. In other words you can install/delete over and over again and have up to 2 websites hosted on our state of the art web hosting for absolutely nothing.
***As a¬†Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate¬†you to host up to 50 websites (25 own domains, 25 free websites) on our state of the art “managed” wordpress hosting platform.

This includes unlimited email accounts, free SSL, ¬†premium monitoring and security, access to our SiteComments, SiteHealth, and SiteFeedback platforms and 24/7/366 website support…. meaning you can create an army of successful sites for one or many niches!

Watch the Video on Setting up Your Website using SiteRubix

Below you will find a training video specifically showing you how to create a website at Wealthy Affiliate using our easy-to-use website builder, SiteRubix. It really is simple and it will take you no more than a few minutes to get your very first website up and running.


With the website builder here at Wealthy Affiliate you can choose from 12 awesome website themes (templates) as a Starter member and all websites are pre-installed with 5 of the most powerful plugins. As a Premium member you have access to over 2,400 theme choices, and unlimited combinations of plugins and setup options!

Set-up Your Website Using SiteRubix

You will find the SiteBuilder along with everything else associated with your websites (passwords, profiles, feedback, site health, email accounts, and support) within “SiteRubix” link in the Premium Services menu to the left.

Build Your Website

Upon mousing over this menu, it will give you several options. To build your website you can either click on the SiteBuilder (takes you directly there) or you can click on SiteManager, where you can also initiate the SiteBuilder from.

4 Steps to create website



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