Building A Traffic Producing Website 2


One thing that most people totally lose sight of is the fact that each and every website is created not as some obscure process to get traffic and earn money, but rather for your visitors. Your visitors who buy from you take action based on your recommendations, and are the ones that engage in your content.

If you cannot provide a quality experience for THEM, then you are not going to appeal to Google and you are not going to build a successful site.

And it all starts with an initial framework of content.

Create your Pages

Your first task is going to be to build out your initial website framework, using content themes that are related to your niche. In the case of my website, I have created the following pages:

  • Diets
  • Exercises
  • Reviews

You only need to initially start with 3 or so content themes. We are going to then be building out our website based on those themes and be creating content within those categories.

So think of it this way. Your initial Pages are going to be the framework, or categories, that you are going to be building content within. For example, going forward, I will likely be creating out many pages/posts relevant to weight loss exercises. There are unlimited things I can write about in relation to this category and as I do create and publish content, I will be adding these to these sections within the menu.

Note that this does not have to be perfect from the start. Your menu will continue to evolve as you build your website and as you progress through the training here (and as you gain a better understanding of your niche). Don’t worry about being perfect, your ideas are GOOD ideas 🙂

Organize Your Menu

Organize your website in a way that would appeal most to your potential visitors, the most important ones being on the far left. People naturally read left to right.

Remember, you can create a custom menu within the Appearance => Menus tab.


From there you will be able to create a custom menu and organize it in any way (as you wish). I typically arrange my menu in a way where the most viewed menu items will be closest to the left hand side of the menu. Remember, people read left to right and that is how they will interpret the navigation on your website.

You will then need to go to the Manage Locations tab to make sure you make it your “Top Menu” menu.

top menu

Build the Initial Content

Your last step is going to be to build out the content for your initial three pages, keeping in mind the people that are going to be reading the content.

Congrats, you now have your initial website framework in place. This contains content that will get ranked in Google and that is going to be the foundation in which you are going to build a very successful website off of.

Nice work thus far!


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