Speedy Jimi T: Best of Watercolor

Jimmy TablanteJimmy Tablante is a Filipino artist who has conquered Hawaii, his chosen home since he moved to the beautiful paradise in May 1985.

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, this Filipino has had the opportunity to work for several local and international architectural firms as a designer and a renderer.

He earned the nickname “Speedy Jimi T.” because of his ability to produce and submit renderings before deadlines.  In 1988, he was given one of the best opportunities in his life when the architecture firm Hemmeter Design Group recognized his outstanding ability and sent him to study at Harvard University in Cambridge. His diligence paid off when he was awarded the Graduate School of Design / Advanced Architectural Delineation.

With his excellent architectural background, it was only natural that he would transition to the world of Visual Arts. He took the challenge by enrolling at Linekona Academy of Arts in order to broaden his knowledge in the various aspects of  the visual arts.

In May 2011, he became a signature member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society.

Here are the awards and recognition received by “Speedy Jimi T.”

April 16, 2009     
Aloha Petroleum Realism Award    
Hawaii Watercolor Society 47th Annual Member Show    
Mary Ann Beckwith (Juror)
July 31, 2009
First Place  
Association of Hawaii Artists’ 39th Annual Aloha Show     
Micheal C. Schnack (Juror)
July 31, 2009
Honorable Mention    
Association of Hawaii Artists’ 39th Annual Aloha Show      
Micheal C. Schnack (Juror)
October 4, 2009
Curator’s Choice Certificate of Selection
Windward Artists Guild 50th Anniversary Annual Member Exhibition        
Helen Iaea (Curator)
April 5, 2010
Second Honorable Mention  
Association of Hawaii Artists’ 41st Annual Aloha Show        
Snowden Hodges (Juror)
September 6, 2010
Honorable Mention
Association of Hawaii Artists’ 41st Contemporary Show         
Lisa Yoshihara (Juror)
October 4, 2010    Curator’s Choice Certificate of Selection
Windward Artists Guild 51th Annual Member Exhibition   
Antoinette Martin (Curator)
October 7, 2010
The Golden Callus Award
Best in Show
Hawaii Watercolor Society 2010 Open Show
Linda Kemp (Juror)
December 14, 2010 
Honorable Mention
Oahu Arts Center      
Edmund Aczon (President)
March 25, 2011  
 M.Graham & Co. Award
Hawaii Watercolor Society 2011 Member’s Exhibition       
Eric Wieyardt (Juror)
September 19, 2011  
Honorable Mention  
Association of Hawaii Artists’ 42nd Annual Contemporary Show
Antoinette Martin (Juror)
October 27, 2011
Hawaiian Graphics/Sunshine Arts Award
Hawaii Watercolor Society  2011 Open Exhibition      
Ken Hosmer (Juror)
March 27, 2012    
Hawaii Watercolor Workshop Award 
Hawaii Watercolor Society 2012 Member’s Exhibition     
Don Andrews (Juror)
April 3, 2012    Winner (North Light Books Publishing) 
Splash 14: Best of Watercolor     
Rachel Rubin Wolf (Juror / Author)

If ever you happen to be in Hawaii, please check out  Jimi Tablante’s original works and prints at:

Kai Ku Hale        66-145 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa.
Na Mea Hawaii    1050 Ala Moana Boulevard #1000, Waikiki, (near the Tapa Bar).


Billy Burgos: Calgary’s Most Versatile Illustrator

Billy BurgosI googled my friend Billy Burgos’ name and these are what I found attached to it:

“Calgary’s most versatile illustrator.  One of the most versatile illustrators in North America.  An excellent and perceptive interpreter. His strength lies in his ability to translate half-formed ideas and instructions into beautifully rendered illustrations.”

One article says, among other things, “Billy’s heart and art are of a true Filipino.”

He graduated from Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila after which he worked in the Philippines as an artist, an industrial designer,  and an illustrator.  He moved to Calgary in 1978 where his skills were sought after by major advertising agencies. Billy has been with Karo as the in-house illustrator since 1985. There’s only one thing that can take him away from painting – and that’s traveling.

I  met Billy at Sunridge Mall with his wife and a group of their friends who dropped by the mall to relax after their morning exercise. When I learned that he’s a visual artist, I informed him that the mall was running a visual arts contest for all categories,  and he submitted an amazing entry.  That was the beginning of my friendship with Billy and his wife. But I haven’t the slightest idea that my new friend is a “top gun” in the field of arts and famous, not only in Calgary but in North America.

In one of the times that we hang out, Billy asked me to draw  – though I risked being laughed at by a professional illustrator, I sketched some women’s faces and I got the best compliment ever for my sketches. I owe Billy Burgos my short stint as a member of FPAE… and the opportunity of getting to know world-class Filipino Visual Artists.

Let me end this article with these lines:

“His art reflects vivid, colorful, warm, and very personal Filipino themes; most rendered from memory and insight yet rich in reality. One could almost feel the passion, the vigor, the colors, and the aroma of Philippine life within the four corners of his paintings. His paintings make Filipino homes on North America truly Filipino.”

View Billy Burgos’ Photostream

Nonilo G. Comoda

Nilo ComodaNilo Comoda (Nonilo G. Comoda) is a Watercolorist/Cartoonist who is currently working as contributing editorial cartoonist/illustrator in PM-(Pang Masa) and Pilipino Star NGAYON tabloids. He also is a freelance graphic designer.

He was born at Badiangan, Iloilo on August 13, 1952. He took up Bachelor of Fine Arts and graduated from Feati University Manila Class 1975.

He became a student of the famous Filipino cartoonist Liborio “Gat” Gatbonton, Isaac Tolentino, and impressionist painter Ibarra de la Rosa.

Hereunder is a list of his achievements in the field of visual arts:

Senior Illustrator – National Manpower and Youth Council ( Now TESDA) from 1972 to 1977.

Art Director – THE WORD ASSOCIATES INC. Public Relations and Advertising, Manila (1985).

Creative Artist – TIHAMA Advertising, Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1985 to 2000.

Not to be content with his success as a visual artist, he got himself into the field of martial arts and co-founded the Flying Tigers International Martial Arts Organization.


Grand Prize : National Watercolor Painting Contest/Sponsored by: UNESCO/CMLI December 12, 1968

First Prize: Photography, Feati University Student Annual Exhibition 1974

First Prize: Poster Contest. SPCA week Gregorio Perfecto High School,1968

Third Prize: Graphic Arts, Feati University Student Annual Exhibition 1974

Honorable Mention:  Editorial cartoon contest/Earth survival, Climate change solutions, sponsored by: National Commission for Culture and Arts – 1997

Honorable Mention: Watercolor Competition sponsored by the Manila Rotary Club 1975

Honorable Mention: H.C. Tsai Filipino/Chinese watercolor painting competition, Manila 1969

Honorable Mention: Poster Contest sponsored by the Philippine Motor Association-1969

Artist of the Year: Gregorio Perfecto High School, Manila 1969


BLACK & WHITE- Manila Peninsula Hotel, Makati/ June 20,1979

Second Annual Watercolor Festival-Manila Peninsula Hotel, Makati/ July 11,1979

Group Show-Diplomatic Quarters,Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia/ November 30,1992

Filipino Expatriates Painting Exhibition-Al Khozama Hotel Riyadh, KSA/ November 30.1992

Multi National Plastic Art Exhibition for a Cause- Cultural Palace ,Riyadh,KSA/ Dec 1-15,1992

Group Show Watercolor Paintings- Al Khozama Hotel, Riyadh, KSA/ January 8,1995


Rodolfo R. Rodriguez

Rodolfo RodriguezRodolfo Regalado Rodriguez‘s artistic talent could have been inborn because after earning his bachelor’s degree in commerce, he landed a job as a staff artist for a big insurance company in Manila.

Based on raw skills alone, he was tasked to lead a group of artists to produce various training materials for the company. That position gave him an opportunity to enroll at the PWU College of Fine Arts night school and took a BFA course major in Painting.

After two years in art school, Rody gained enough skills which helped him start a career as a graphic artist in Saudi Arabia. In his spare time, he continued to improve his painting skills by entering community sponsored art competitions.

In the early 80’s, he got his first big break as a mural artist when he was chosen by master painter Leonardo T. Cruz to assist him in executing four large murals commissioned by the Philippine government for the Lung Center hospital in Quezon City.

Rodolfo refused to rest on his laurels — he developed the skill of illustrating single panel cartoons which won him awards in the World Cartoon Festival in Belgium. As a result, he received a lot of positive feedbacks and job offers, boosting his confidence as a cartoon illustrator even more.

Today, Rody as he is fondly called, is still working in Saudi Arabia as a graphics consultant at Saudi Aramco, but his dream to someday be able to paint full time, still lives on.

Maria Conception C. Talinao

Connie CabalarMaria Conception Talinao, aka Connie Cabalar was born in Makati City on December 8, 1976. Her love for arts started at a very young age and in the most peculiar way. When her parents would get into heated arguments or into a fight, she would escape into her room, grab a pencil and just start drawing. Her intention was to divert her mind from the situation outside her room, but little did she know that something in her started to develop – her passion for the visual arts.

She would have given anything to get into Fine Arts in college but like most Filipino youngsters whose families face financial setbacks, she had to give her dream up and follow a different path. She enrolled at the Pasig Catholic College and took a course in Business Administration major in computer management. While in college, she had to work to support her studies and slowly forgot about her love for drawing but in 2011, it came creeping back to her, nagging her to give it one more try.

She decided to research and self-study the basic techniques of charcoal and pastel using brush which eventually lead to oil. Her love for visual arts made her utilize these mediums brilliantly. When she suffered a stroke a decade ago,  she considered working on her art a good therapy for her recovery.

Until now, it still does – it relaxes her and makes her happy.

Her affiliations:

Member – Association Art of the Philippines (AAP) –November 2012

Member – Style, Strokes and Sketches Society – November 2012

Judge – Mural Competition in Pasig (2011)



Liza Faunillan

Liza FaunillanIt’s very rare to meet a person skilled in so many disciplines of art. I am fortunate to make the acquaintance of one Liza Faunillan, a pastor and a prayer counselor, a writer and published author, a songwriter and a composer,  a recording artist,  and a visual artist.

Let me introduce this amazing all-around artist. Her name is Liza Faunillan and below is her Profile which she has written herself.  I have utmost admiration for published authors!

Pastor / Prayer Counselor
Finished her course in Christian Ministry at Immanuel Bible College in City in 1988.  She also trained for media ministry in APTS, Baguio City in 1993. Took a specialized training in prayer counseling under Nehemiah International  School of Ministry in Bordertown, South Australia in 2004.  Took BSIE subjects in MSU- MSAT in Maigo, Lanao del Norte in 2001 to 2003. She is now pastoring a Christian congregation in Kolambugan together with her husband and her mother.

Published Author
Her work “DANCING IN THE SON” is a Vacation Bible School teaching kit which includes all teachers manuals, a director’s handbook, art, activities and music, circulated nationwide in major Christian bookstores. The rights to the material are owned by the publisher, PCEP.

Published Recording Artist
Her first album HE LIFTED ME was released in 2010 under ETS Records. The album contains 9 of her original compositions and a 100 year old Christian hymn which she revised for the album. This song can be found in this youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc4m-BjXfeM.

Songwriter / Composer
Has written more than 50 songs, some of which have already been published. In 1995 she wrote “It Takes A Little To Start” which reached top seven in the national search for the Volunteers Song launched within that year. In 1996 she composed the municipal hymn of Kolambugan, and not long after, composed the alma mater hymn of the town’s pilot school.
Liza Faunillan is also the composer of the alma mater song of Cebu Trinity School. She also writes Cebuano Worship songs, some of which are already sung in many Christian congregations. Liza Faunillan’s songs include unpublished romantic ballads, Christmas songs and musical, toddlers teaching songs and other genre songs.

Visual Artist
Has never been to formal art school, but started drawing as a toddler, practiced drawing human body parts when she was in grade one. She admired the sketches of Napoleon Abueva in her elementary years, and loved the  art of Joan Walsh Anglund. She is a member of BINHI group of Christian Artists in Cebu City, joined one exhibit in 2005 bearing the signature Liza Faunillan.


George Bogiatzidis

George BogiatzidisGeorge Bogiatzidis (Boya) is a member of Styles, Strokes and Sketches Society.

He is a Greece-based freelancer collage artist and illustrator. He studied Interior Design, Art Conservation & Restoration.

His artworks blur the lines between collage, painting, stained glass techniques and photography.

He visually deconstructs parts of the real world that we normally think of as stable in order to create a new balanced collage compositions.

For the past 8 years he participated in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

He accepts commissions for ad campaigns , book covers and interiors, press and magazines and private.


Diana Riukas

Diana RiukasWyncote, PA 19095-0038
Mobile # 215-519-9089

Styles, Strokes and Sketches Society – Welcoming Committee

2004 M.F.A. Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore , MD.
1992 M.Ed. Art Education with PA and NJ Instructional Certification.
Tyler School of Art/ Temple University , Philadelphia , PA.
1986 B.A. Art. Minor, French. West Chester University , West Chester , PA

Women’s Caucus for Art
Fine Art America
Wyncote Arts Collective
Fairmount Arts Collective

2009 “Neurotica: New Paintings by Diana Riukas” Solo show, Plastic Club Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.
2008 “Centennial Celebrations ” (Public Mural) Trenton Board of Education, Trenton, NJ.
*Funded in part by a grant from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
2006 Long Gallery, “Alumni Exhibition: Diana Riukas and Bryan Hopkins”,West Chester University, West Chester, PA.
2004 “Diana Riukas: M.F.A. Solo Thesis Exhibition,” Fox 3 Gallery, Maryland Institute College of Art , Baltimore , MD.



Joan Honoridez aka Joan of Art

Joan HonoridezJoan Honoridez aka Joan of Art is one amazing artist. Let her achievements speak for herself.

Art Director – Cre8! Art Workshops, since 2007 up to the present
Vice President – Art Association of Bacolod-Negros, 2010-2012
Founder – Alla Prima Art Circle, May 2010
Incorporator – Pinoy na Pinoy Visual Artists, 2012
2012 Chapter President – PPVAAI Bacolod Chapter, 2012
Founder – UnGroup Artists Collective, Bacolod City, 2012
Member – Artist@Heart, 2012
Member – Euro Asian Philippines, 2012
Member – Kunst Pilipino Bacolod, 2012
Member – Canvas (Christian Artists of Negros Visual Art Society), 2012
Painter, curator, cartoonist, writer, public speaker. Bacolod’s Famous choice for Top 5 Named Artists
Artistic style: Impressio-expressionist, landscape, figurative, known for her small oil or acrylic paintings she calls “quickies” because they are done with the least strokes in the shortest time possible.


1982- 1st Place, National Level, KKK Poster Design Contest, PICC, Manila.
1995 – 2nd Place, Ely Santiago Memorial Award, Editorial Cartooning Contest, Bacolod City.
2011 – Visayan Finalist, 1st Fernando Amorsolo Nat’l. Art Competition (Mentor Category), Cebu City.


Art is Tourism, Negros Museum, Bacolod City
Lumbayag Sa Telon, Balay Negrense, Silay City

Art & Soul:  A Four Woman Group Art Exibition, Moravia Gallery Bar, Bacolod City
Four in One:  A Four Woman Group Art Exibiton, Art is Fine, Gaisano City, Bacolod City
Sinugatan, VIVA Excon X, SM Trade Center, Cebu City

1st Artekalye Art Festival, Namit-Namit Pagkaon kag Taliambong, Bacolod City
Hidlaw Tipon (The Reunion):  An AAB 34th Anniversary Exhibition, Negros Museum, Bacolod City
Color & Blood in Cockfighting:  A Satellite Exhibition on the Harvest of Amorsolo, Museo La Salle, Bacolod City
Mag-Iloy:  A Two Woman Art Exhibition by Mother and Child, Aida’s Restaurant, Makati Cinema Square, Makati City
Pagpanikasug (Struggle) Group Exhibition, Ateneo de Manila Law School, Rockwell, Makati City
Syano Artlink Presents, CITEM, World Trade Center, Manila

Kasadya Group Art Exhibiton, GSIS Museum, Pasay City
Manilart10, SMX Convention Center, Pasay City

Bangis 1st World Gamefowl Expo Exhibition, World Trade Center, Manila
Parada de las Reynas, SM East Bridgeway, Bacolod City
Alla Prima sa Estancia, Paon Beach Resort, Estancia, Iloilo
Art and Soul (Casino Filipino Hotel-Bacolod), Bacolold City
Remembering Ely Santiago, SM Artwalk, Bacolod City
In the Eyes of the Child, UP Visayas Art Gallery, Iloilo City
Maharlika, 8th Sunrise Festival, Gbox, Robinson’s, Iloilo City

United Colors of PNPVA ECCA Gallery, Pasig City
Beauty and Art, SM City, San Pablo, Laguna
Buy Pinoy na Pinoy, SM Megatrade, Mandaluyong
Pinoy na Pinoy, Casa Conchita, Taal, Batangas
Dugtong (Balanghai Hotel, Butuan City
Ang Lipunan sa Mga Mata ng Batang Juan, Conspiracy Art Gallery, Quezon City
Kalayaan 2012: 114th Philippine Independence Day Celebration Art Exhibition and Competition, International Philippine School, Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
20th Defense and Sporting Arms Show, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Manila
UnGroup, Dizon-Ramoz Museum, Bacolod City
Alay Sining Para sa mga Munting Chikiting (Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Manila)
Coffee Break (Chef’s Bistro, Quezon City)September
Pitong Lawa, Pitong Sining (Ultimart, San Pablo, Laguna)
Kari sa MassKara (Grill Guru, Bacolod City)

Her artworks are quickly gaining attention and has been flown to the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Japan, and South Korea.