Jose C. Capital aka Boy Capital

Bot CapitalJose C. Capital, Jr. (aka Boy Capital) was born on October 1, 1950 in Tabaco, Albay and grew up in Pasay City. At the age of 5, he already showed interest in drawing.  Influenced by his older brother, a comics illustrator himself, Boy Capital became the youngest comics illustrator at the age of 13.  His first illustrations were published by BAL Publications.

After high school at Southeastern College, Boy Capital took up Fine Arts at Feati University. He became a fulltime comics illustrator and his works were published by Atlas Publications under the mentorship of Hal Santiago, Nestor Redondo, and his brother Mel.

He was commissioned to do the illustration of a family planning comic book for the  Papua New Guinea government. His achievement did not stop there. With the recommendation of mutual friends, he got into a major advertising firm and became its Art Director.

He moved to the Middle East and held the position of Art Director of BBDO, an international advertising company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where some of his artworks, concepts and ideas won the most-coveted “GOLDEN SWORD AWARD” in advertising.

He started painting while in Jeddah and among his inspirations were the works of Fernando Amorsolo, Botong Francisco, and Vicente Manansala.

Together with other members of  Pinta Pilipino, they held a group show exhibit for the benefit of lahar victims in the Philippines. The entry piece entitled “A DAY AND THE LIFE”  depicted a busy street just like “Spice of Life” by Larry Alcala. His work was appraised by one of the guest media columnists who compared  it to the works of the famous painter-illustrator Norman Rockwell. His artwork was eventually published in the Saudi Gazette which inspired him even more to pursue his painting career.

In 1998, he decided that Philippines is the place for him to  pursue his passion for painting.  He joined the AAP (Artists Association of the Philippines) and launched his first solo painting exhibit in 2004. The successful exhibit was held at the GSIS Museum with special guest Senator Manny Villar cutting the ribbon.

His next solo exhibit in 2005 featured his sons Joselito and Jonathan as guest artists. It was held at the Manila Adventist Medical Center and School of Arts (formerly Manila Sanitarium and Hospital).


Rafael Maniago: Global Pinoy

Rafael ManiagoHow many times have you stared at your own picture and think it does not do you justice? That it does not capture the real you? That’s what a camera does — it fails to capture what’s inside of you…

Do you want a picture that speaks volumes about you? Do you know how you can make that  happen? Why don’t you send your “flat” picture to someone who can make it alive on canvas? Or better yet – why don’t you sit with a pro to get yourself painted?

There is a professional artist who has been drawing since childhood. “My mother used to say I was born with a pencil, and I started to draw before I could even speak,” says the artist himself.

Rafael Maniago is named one of the eight Capampangans who have made marks in their respective fields and brought distinction to the country.  Rafael Maniago,  honored as a “Global Pinoy”  for his outstanding achievement in the world of arts  is considered by some art critics as the contemporary Amorsolo.

Rafael Maniago describes himself as an Artist, Art Instructor and a Capampangan Poet.

Born and raised in the Philippines. Studied Arts and Commercial Advertisement at the University of the East in Manila.  When he migrated to the US, he pursued further his passion for arts and enrolled at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design in California where he had taken residence.

These are just some of what people say about the consummate artist Rafael Maniago:

“His ability to capture the likeness of people is outstanding.”

“He portrays a person from within, and focuses not on the visible physical attributes. He depicts what radiates from the inside.”

Our very own Filipino artist Rafael Maniago is honored both in the US and in his hometown in Pampanga – truly the pride of Capampangans and Filipinos everywhere! Unrivalled! Unequaled! Unmatched in his ability to make a painting come to life!


Bohemian Artist Noel David: A Hero

Noel DavidI will not even attempt to describe or define Noel David as an artist because I cannot find the right word. I will let his works speak for themselves!

Actually, I found intriguing a caption under one of Noel’s pictures – he was called  “Bohemian artist Noel David”.

Bohemian means a person — as an artist or writer – who lives and acts FREE of regard for conventional rules and practices.  There may be times when Noel’s imagination runs free and out of conventions, but when it comes to his art, Noel lives by this principle:  THE SUM OF THE WHOLE PICTURE IS GREATER THAN THE INDIVIDUAL PARTS!

To understand this principle better, let me point you to Noel’s site where he has chronicled his journey to producing 3 incredible works of art: BF Homes Mural Part 1, Dekada Setenta, BF Mural Part 2,  and his entry to Guinness Book of World Records known as Manila-US Times Wall of Fame (2012-2013).

The story behind these murals involved things bigger than the artist himself: friendship, death, and exorcism. That’s right – it’s a story of heroism! The story of one man’s sheer determination to stop the plague of death in his hometown armed only with his mind-blowing artistic skill  and a strong willpower.

Get to know Noel David and His works!


Maria Lourdes Prado Inosanto: The People’s Choice

Ma. Lourdes InosantoThere is one woman who is slowly but surely making a name for herself in field of Visual Arts.  Her name is Maria Lourdes Prado Inosanto … and here is her story (Maalaala Mo Kaya material…. 🙂 )

At a young age, her artistic ability came to the fore.  The walls of their house and the nearby  streets  did not escape her creativity – on them she would draw her favorite subject then: a human face.

Since she excelled in arts at school, she dreamed of being an illustrator and started copying comics illustrations but did not pursue it seriously.

In college, she enrolled in a state university where she got interested in oil painting through the influence of an instructor who was into painting. She also studied charcoal portraiture, thus her interest in doing portraits. She got jobs from people who commissioned her to copy the works of old masters.

Life hit hard when her parents died with only 3 years interval from each other — she was forced to take care of a younger sibling. She lost interest in her art and worked instead as a computer graphics artist for 14 years in several companies. When the last company closed, she opted to rest from being a computer graphics artist. It was then that her interest in arts came back.  She started practicing more and more.

In 2010, she joined the Philippine Air force Painting Competition in cooperation with Art Association of the Philippines. The competition theme was: The Role of Philippine Air Force in Philippine History. On Dec. 4, she bagged the People’s Choice Award. She was invited to the Art Association of the Philippines, and that was the start of her life as a visual artist.

She joined group art exhibitions and consistently joined painting competitions.  Two of her paintings won and was featured in Artist World Magazine this year. She added photography and sculpture to her interests.

This month, August 2012, she became a Finalist in the Cebu National Painting Competition, a painting competition with the theme Filipino Way of Life, sponsored by Ka-alyado ng Sining in cooperation with The Portrait Artists Society of the Philippines and Cebu Academy of Arts.

Details of her winning art work:
Title:  Maja Blanca
Medium: Oil on canvas 30”x40”
Subject:  Woman preparing ingredients for maja blanca on kawayan floor – in rural setting

It has only been 18 months since she got back into the arts scene and she has been getting positive feedback for her art works. This has inspired her to continue to explore all possibilities of growth in the field of visual arts.

As of the moment, she is working on commissioned portraits in oil and charcoal and is busy studying and practicing even more to hone her craft even further. She is going for contemporary art style which she may release in her forthcoming exhibitions.

In her own words:

Why do I create my art?
“To show the beauty of God’s creation, to glorify Him through my art, to give thanks sa talent na binigay nya, to send positive message that life is good and beautiful, that God is good. To explore and experiment with different techniques and mediums.”

Motivations to paint:
“Times when I was emotionally challenged, when I was  heartbroken, the beauty of nature, poor people…being thankful everyday for the breathe of life, for all the blessings.”

Present art style:
“Realism, pero want to do contempory art, pinag-aaralan ang Abstractions ngayon.”

“Want to experiment with different subjects…but not ready for subjects na may message about Death and Darkness. Sa ngayon my subjects are, nature, children, mother and child, street scene, everyday life.”

“Still in the process of experimenting….want to come up with a style that I call mine.”

“Oil painting the medium I learned from college days…now experimenting with  different mediums… acrylic, watercolor, pastels…”

Maria Lourdes was born in Caloocan, Philippines and is now based at Novaliches, Quezon City.  She graduated from Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Major in Advertising  at Technological University of the Philippines, Manila

Her Affiliations:
Officer  –   KUNST Pilipino
Kapatiran at Ugnayan ng Natatanging Sining at Talento ng Pilipino
Member – Art Association of the Philippines
Member – DAAN (Group of Street Photographers)
Member – The Galing Photographers                                                                                           Member – EURO-ASIAN PHILIPPINES

Finalist – The Cebu National Painting Competition 2012 (Cebu City, Aug. 24, 2012)

On-the-spot Acrylic Portraiture Demonstration –  Abrenian, Kawayan, Festival 2012
Abra, Bangued  March 6, 2012

First Place –  Artist’s World Magazine Art Competition (January Issue)

Best of Show – Artist’s World Magazine Art Competition (March Issue)

People’s Choice Award – Philippine Air Force Painting Competition
Villamor Air Base, Pasay City December 4, 2010

Finalist –  PLDT-GTC Telephone Directory Cover Competition
Technological University of the Philippines, Manila

Rodolfo Samonte: Simply an Artist

Rodolfo SamonteI was awed, amazed,  and  astonished when I read the profile of Rodolfo Samonte –and I wondered how I can put to words his outstanding achievements in the field of art without repeating what has already been written about him in the Arts and Culture page of the Manila Bulletin.

That’s right! A whole page entitled Rodolfo Samonte: Master Digital Artist Comes Home was dedicated to this Filipino Artist when he put on an  “energized” exhibit of 30 digital art works in the Philippines last December 2011.

I am not into serious arts so I will not even pretend that I understand its technicalities especially when it involves “computer-aided geometric abstractions” (wow … that’s a mouthful) – but I do appreciate beauty so I might be able to add in some “Wow…”, “Amazing…”, “Beautiful…..” when asked what I think of an art work.

Now back to my dilemma – how can I give justice to this world-acclaimed artist and what words do I use to introduce him to the “masang Pilipino” who need to know that there is another reason we can be “Proud to be Pinoy”.

In an  interview done by one of the top art critics of the Philippines with Samonte for the book “Conversations on Philippine Art” published in 1989 by the Cultural Center of the Philippines –  Samonte opened up with:  “I prefer to be called simply an artist.”

With everything that he’s been into (printmaking, graphic designing, photography, lacquered relief painting, silkscreening,  doing woodcuts) — yes, he’s simply an Artist but add award-winning, international, world-class, superb, and all superlatives you can think of because that is all you can say when you see his works of art.

Here are some samples of Rod Samonte’s works. He calls these Painted Photographs:

Visit The Art of Rodolfo Samonte and The Photography of Rodolfo Samonte


This International Artist is a Filipino


Boi SibugWhat does Manny Pacquaio, Jessica Sanchez, Charice Pempengco, and Arnel Pineda have in common? Well – three of them are singers and one is a pugilist but that’s not it. They are internationally known and every Filipino in the Philippines knows them, too.

It’s sad that there are other Filipinos who made a name in the international scene but are not even known in the Philippines – within their family perhaps but not throughout the Philippines.

Let me introduce one international achiever who should also be given such accolade as Arnel Pineda, et. als.  – after all he is also an artist.

Bienvenido “Boi” Sibug is originally from Manila, Philippines where he studied fine arts, painted, and worked in advertising agencies. For 35 years, he has captured the essence of the world he grew up in with his paintings, portraits, designs and photographs – he has  exhibited his works in more than 70 art shows.

In 1992, Sibug moved to the island of Guam and produced art works aptly described by art critics from Asia as “a collection of artistic gems.”

While Sibug employs multiple media, his forte resides in oil, watercolor, pastel, and charcoal. His talents extend to creating graphic designs and photographs, but his exceptional sense of colors and composition leads ultimately to a powerful rendering of images of beauty and order in the Pacific milieu.

Expectedly Sibug has been recognized through numerous awards for his works, and some of his paintings have become permanent features of galleries and lobbies of the finest places in Guam, Manila and USA.

It’s not enough to introduce Sibug without a mention of his numerous international and local awards:

• 1st  Place & Popular Choice – Red Tie, watercolor at Monthly Competition, July 10,
2012, Torrance Artists Guild, Torrance, California. Judged by: Jim Salchak, past
president of the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West.
• 2nd  Place – Last Dance, watercolor at Monthly Competition, May 8, 2012, Torrance
Artists Guild, Torrance, California
• 2nd  Place & Popular Choice – Karylle, pastel at Monthly Competition, March 13, 2012,
Torrance Artists Guild, Torrance, California
• 1st Place – Dance Movements, watercolor at Monthly Competition, February 14, 2012,
Torrance Artists Guild, Torrance, California
• Honorable Mention – Lucky, watercolor at Monthly Competition, Jan. 10, 2012,
Torrance Artists Guild, Torrance, California

• Best of Show – Sax Player, Watercolor, 14.5” x 19”
• 1st Place – Ina, Pastel, 19” x 25”
• Honorable Mention – T’Boli Woman, Pastel, 19” x 25”
Lakewood Artist Guild 2012 Spring Show, Mayfair Park, John Todd Community
Center, 5720 Clark Ave., Lakewood, California, May 20, 2012

• Best of Show & 1st Place – Karylle, pastel
• 2nd Place –Lucky, watercolor, Animal Category, 2012 Spring Art Show, San Gabriel
Fine Art Association, April 28- May 24, 2012, SGFAA Glass Room Gallery, South
Misssion Drive, ¬San Gabriel, CA 991776

• 3rd  Place – T’Boli Woman, Judge Award, Pastel Category, 75th Annual Art &
Photography Santa Paula Exhibit  sponsored by the Santa Paula Society of the Arts,
March 13- April 4, 2012, at the Blanchard Community Library, 119 N. 8th Street, Santa

• 3rd  Place – Edwin, pastel, Portrait category
• Honorable Mention – Landscape I-watercolor, Landscape category
31st  Panorama Traditional Art Show,Traditional Artists’ Guild of Paramount, March 9-
10, 2012, Progress Park, 1550 Downey Ave., Paramount, CA 90723

• 1st  Place – Karylle, pastel, 19” x 25”, Simi Valley Art Association Annual Open Juried
Show 2011, Nov. 6-Dec. 1, 2011 Simi Valley Town Center, Simi Valley, California

• Merchandise Awards – Circa 1820, Pastel, 19” x 25”
• Merchandise Awards – Edwin, Pastel, 19” x 25”
• Merchandise Awards – T’Boli Woman, Pastel, 19” x 25”
Art Colony of La Mirada presents “Mirrors of Your Mind 2011”, November 8-19, 2011,
Mary Paxon Art Gallery, City of Norwalk, California

• Best of Show – Karylle, pastel, 19” x 25”
• Mayor’s Award – Rafael, pastel, 19” x 25
• Honorable Mention – Last Dance 2, watercolor category
Lakewood Artist Guild 2011 Fall Show, Mayfair Park, John Todd Community Center,
5720 Clark Ave., Lakewood, California, Oct. 9, 2011

• 1st  Place – T’boli Woman, pastel, 19” x 25” portrait/figure category
Glendale Art Association 2011 Fall Salon Juried Exhibition, Whites Framing & Art
Restoration Gallery, 2414 Honolulu Ave., Montrose, California, Oct, 4 – Oct. 30, 2011

• 3rd  Place – Edwin, pastel, portrait/figure category,
• Honorable Mention – The Wave, Landscape/Seascape category
• Honorable Mention – Yellow Hibiscus, Floral/Still Life category, watercolor
22nd  Annual Torrance Artists’ Guild’s Open Juried Show held at Toyota Auto Museum
Torrance, California, September 23-25, 2011

• 1st  Place – T’Boli Woman, Pastel, at Torrance Artists Guild, Torrance, California,
Monthly Competition, December 13, 2011
• Honorable Mention – Sax Player, Watercolor at Torrance Artists Guild, Torrance,
California, Monthly Competition, November 8, 2011
• 1st  Place – Chamorrita, Watercolor, Judged by master watercolorist Gerald Brommer at
Torrance Artists Guild, Torrance, California, Monthly Competition, October 11, 2011
• Popular Choice Award & 3rd Place – Waiting, Watercolor, size: 29” x 21.5”at Torrance
Artists Guild, Torrance, California, Monthly Competition, September 13, 2011
• 2nd  PLACE – Rafael, pastel at Torrance Artist Guild, Monthly Competition, August 8,
• First Place & Popular Choice – Edwin, pastel at Torrance Artist Guild, Monthly
Competition, July 12, 2011

• Mayor’s Award (1st Place) – Edwin, pastel
• 2nd  PLACE – Red Tie, watercolor
• 2nd  PLACE – Filipina, pastel, Other Media category
Lakewood Artist Guild, 2011 Spring Show, Mayfair Park John Todd Community
Center, Lakewood, California, May 22, 2011

• 1st  PLACE – Last Dance watercolor under GENRE
• 3rd  PLACE – Hibiscus, watercolor- under FLORAL SCENES category
• Honorable Mention – Filipina, pastel under PORTRAITS category, 30th Panorama
Traditional Art Show, Traditional Artists’ Guild of Paramount, March 28-29, 2011,
Progress Park, 1550 Downey Ave., Paramount, CA 90723

• 2nd  PLACE – Waiting, watercolor, Judge Award
• 1st  PLACE – Filipina, pastel, Jury-of-Your-Peers “Award of Excellence”
74th Annual Art & Photography Santa Paula Exhibit, sponsored by the Santa Paula
Society of the Arts, March 15- April 6, 2011 at the Blanchard Community Library, 119
N. 8th Street, Santa Paula CA 93061

• 2nd  PLACE – Jayme, Watercolor, Simi Valley Art Association Open Juried Show
2010, October 22 – November 13, 2010, Simi Valley Public Library, Simi Valley,

• Honorable Mention – Lizza, Pastel, December 7, 2006- January 26, 2007, Art of the
Pacific Rim, Isla Center for the Arts, UOG, Guam

• Best of Show – Circa 1880, Pastel
• 1st  PLACE – People’s Choice Awards, Circa 1880, Pastel
• 2nd  PLACE – People’s Choice Awards, In Motion, Watercolor
• 2nd  PLACE – Judges Awards, In Motion, Watercolor
• Honorable Mention – Judges Awards, Circa 1880, Pastel
69th Annual Santa Paula, Art & Photography Exhibit, January 31, 2005 – February
2006 at the Blanchard Community Library, 119N. 8th Street, Santa Paula, California

• Honorable Mention – Slow Motion, Watercolor, 20th Annual Competition,
Buenaventura Art Association, January 10, 2005- February 4, 2006, Buenaventura
Gallery Ventura, California

• 1st PLACE – Filipina 1880, Pastel/Drawing Category
• 1st PLACE – Last Dance, Watercolor Category
• 2nd PLACE – Country Stream, Oil/Acrylic Category, The 2005 Simi Valley Art
Association Fall Juried Show, October 7-16, 2005, Simi Valley Public Library, Simi
Valley, California

• Winsor & Newton Award (Membership Award) – Filipina 1880, Portrait Category
• Mayor Award – Filipina 1880, Portrait Category:
• 2nd  PLACE – Slow Motion – Portrait Category: in the 18th Annual Gallerie of Fine Art
2005, Juried Show, Torrance Artists Guild, October 1-2, 2005, City of Torrance,

• 1st  PLACE – Filipina, Pastel & Miscellaneous Category in the Arts Council of the
Conejo Valley, Third Annual Juried Competition, June 9-26, 2005, Thousands Oaks
Community Gallery, 2331 Borchard Road, Newbury Park, California 91320

• Honorable Mention – Last Dance, Aqua Media Category at the California Gold Coast
Watercolor Society, 15th Annual?Membership Competition, May 5-30, 2005
Thousands Oaks Community Gallery, 2331 Borchard Road, Newbury Park, California

• Best Portrait – Don Roache Award – Circa 1920
• 1st  PLACE – Sax Player, Genre Watercolor
• 1st  PLACE – Circa 1920, Other Media (Pastel}
• 4th  PLACE – Movements I, Popular Vote Awards, San Gabriel Fine Arts Association,
Spring Show – April 23-May 31, 2005, SGFAA Gallery, 343 South Mission Drive, San
Gabriel, California 91776

• 1st PLACE – Slow Motion, Watercolor, Westlake Juried Art Show, April 7 -April 29,
2005, Thousands Oaks Community Gallery, 2331 Borchard Road, Newbury Park,

• Best of Watercolor – Red Tie, Watercolor – Judge’s Award
• 3rd  PLACE – Number 8, Watercolor, Judge’s Award
• Honorable Mention – Lucky, Watercolor, Animal Category
• Honorable Mention – Downhill, Watercolor, Landscape Category
• Honorable Mention – Weaver, Watercolor, Portrait Category,
2005 Panorama of Traditional Artists’ Guild of Paramount Open Show, Feb. 28- March
6, 2005

• 1st  PRIZE – Movements II, (Watercolor Category) Founders/Judges Award
• 3rd  PRIZE – Movements II, Watercolor (People’s Choice Award)
68th ANNUAL ART & PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT, Feb. 1 – Feb. 23, 2005, Santa
Paula Society of the Arts, Santa Paula, California 93061

• 1st  PLACE – Dance Movements, Transparent Watercolor Division
• Honorable Mention – Red Tie, Transparent Watercolor Division, California Gold Coast
Watercolor Society, 14th Annual Membership Competition at the Ojai Center for the
Arts, 113 South Montgomery St., Ojai, California, May 1-29, 2004,
• Honorable Mention – Movements, Watercolor, Simi Valley Art Association Fall Juried
Show, Simi Valley, California October 2-3, 2004
• 1st  PLACE – Movement, Transparent Watercolor Division, California Gold Coast
Watercolor Society, 14th Annual Open Competition 2004, May 1-29, 2004, Thousands
Oaks Community Gallery, 2331 Borchard Road, Newbury Park, California
• Director’s Award – Vivian, Pastel, Petals & Paint, Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center and
the Ventura County Arts Council, April 24-May 18, 2004
• 3rd  PLACE – Movements, Watercolor, People/Animal Category, Westlake Village
Guild, Juried Show 2004, April 8- April 30, 2004, Thousands Oaks Community Gallery,
2331 Borchard Road, Newbury Park, California

• BEST OF SHOW – Fruit stand, Watercolor, Simi Valley Art Association, Fine Arts
Show, Simi Valley, California,  June 7-8, 2003

• BEST OF SHOW – Circa 1920, Pastel
• 1st  PLACE – Movements, (Watercolor Category), Simi Valley Art Association Fine
Arts Show, Simi Valley, California, June 1-2, 2002

• 3rd  PLACE – Plumeria, (Watercolor Category),Simi Valley Art Association, Annual
Arts Show, Simi Valley,  California, June 2-3, 2001

• BEST OF SHOW – Mother & Child, Pastel
• 1st  PLACE – Mother & Child, (Pastel Category)
• 2nd  PLACE – Morning Glory, (Oil Pastel Category), Simi Valley Art Association,
Spring Show, Simi Valley, California, June 10-11, 2000

• 1st  PLACE – Guam Hilton Hotel Art Competition & Exhibit, February 14 -28, 1997
Guam, USA

• BEST OF SHOW (Awardee), 1993 CREATIVE HANDS II, Guam, US Sponsored by
Isla Center for the Arts & Bank of Guam, Dec. 2, 1993 – Feb. 12, 1994, Exhibited at the
Bank of Guam Gallery

• One of the Best Five Watercolorist (Awardee), 1992 (9th Annual Invitational
Watercolor Show)  “Kulay sa Tubig IX” Gallery Genesis, Manila, Philippines

• 2nd  PLACE – Watercolor Society of the Philippines, Monthly Contest for the Month of
July 1986
• 2nd  PLACE – Watercolor Society of the Philippines, Monthly Contest for the Month of
June 1986
• 1st  PLACE –Watercolor Society of the Philippines Monthly Contest for the Month of
May 1986


bienvenido “boi” sibug
1207 sutter avenue
simi valley, ca 93065
home phone: (805) 520-9163
cell phone: (805) 304-5289
e-mail: bienvenido_sibug