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I found this “Guyabano Tea 30-Day Treatment” which accordingly, has been shared around Facebook since 2014. It is titled “Guyabano Herbal Tea for Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Other Inflammatory Diseases.”Guyabano tea

When I saw this article, I tried to find out whether this has been written or recommended by a medical practitioner or based on scientific studies but all I could find out about this article is that it has started from a Facebook post.

So use discretion when you follow whatever is written in this article.

Guyabano Tea ingredients:

40 pcs. Guyabano leaves (One recipe called for one 8-oz cup of shredded fresh or air-dried guyabano leaves. Hopefully it does not take 40 pcs to fill an 8-oz cup with shredded leaves.)

1 Liter Clean Water (I wonder whoever uses “unclean” water but I found that when a recipe asks for clean water, it means purified water or mineral water)

Please take note of the following:guyabano leaves

Use mature leaves but not the very old ones.  Some say you can use fresh leaves but it is highly recommended to use air-dried leaves than fresh ones because the medicinal properties are more concentrated on air-dried leaves which make them more effective and much more potent.

DO NOT sun-dry or oven-dry the guyabano leaves because too much heat will drastically lessen their nutritional value and they lose their potency.

Shredding the leaves makes extraction of their medicinal contents easier and more complete.


  1. Boil the water (1 liter) in a sauce pan.
  2. As soon as it boils, add the guyabano leaves and turnguyabano leaves boiled
    heat to low.
  3. Simmer for 20 minutes.
  4. Turn off the heat. Let it cool before drinking.

When you prepare guyabano tea, just make enough for the day because the potency of the tea is only good 7 to 8 hours. You may put the tea in the refrigerator. Any leftover tea after drinking your daily dose must be thrown out. Make a new batch of tea every day.


  1. It is recommended to drink one glass of the tea 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals. (The tea is absorbed more easily on an empty stomach. When taken after meals, the tea is mixed with the food, and it has to wait for the food to be digested before it gets absorbed together with all the other nutrients. Taken before meals, the tea hits the bloodstream more quickly.)
  2. Drink the guyabano leaves (3x a day, 30 minutes before meals) for 30 consecutive days only. When you drink the tea more than 30 days, it can affect your gut flora. The Guyabano tea with its potency targets only the sick cells in the body and leaves the good cells unharmed. But when taken more than 30 days, it will destroy the good bacteria in your stomach.
  3. After your 30-day guyabano tea treatment, you go and see your doctor for a check up. Or you may check the symptoms for yourself. Do you still feel the symptoms of your disease? (But it is really best to go see your doctor for check-up.)
  4. If your doctor says you are clear of your disease, taper off your treatment to maintenance dose (see below).
  5. If the symptoms are still there after the 30-day treatment, REST YOUR BODY (specifically your kidneys) for 10 Days – DO NOT Drink Guyabano Tea for 10 days. After 10 Days, repeat the 30-Day Guyabano Treatment Protocol.

The 30-day treatment protocol:  Drink guyabano tea 3x a day, one glass 30 minutes before each meal, for 30 consecutive days. No skipping!

Even if the symptoms disappear before the repeat treatment is over, finish the 30 days to make sure that not a single sick cell is left in your body. Or else, that single sick cell will multiply very quickly, and the problem returns.

The Maintenance Dose:

After your illness has cleared, DO NOT STOP taking the guyabano tea ABRUPTLY.

Take the maintenance dose:

One glass of guyabano tea ONCE a day, 30 minutes before meals, taken for 5 consecutive days during the week, and rest the body for 2 days.

Remember: Once a day – Drink a glass of guyabano tea from Monday to Friday Only. Do not drink on Saturday and Sunday.

Do the maintenance dose as long as you feel good drinking the guyabano tea. Or you may taper off to the body tune up.

The Body Tune Up:

Whether you are sick or not, you may take the guyabano tea body tune up drink.

Guyabano boosts the immune system: protects against flu, coughs and colds, fever, etc.

One glass of the guyabano tea, 30 minutes before a meal, at least 3 times a week or every other day.

Drink guyabano tea on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday OR Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Leave Sunday as your body’s rest day. Do not drink guyabano tea on Sunday.


  1. Do Not Overdose on the Guyabano Tea

An overdose will cause nausea and vomiting. If this happens, just lessen the dose down to a level you can tolerate. For example, instead of one glass of guyabano tea, make it 1/2 glass.

  1. Do Not Take Guyabano Tea Treatment with Other Healing Substances

Don’t add or mix some other healing substances to the guyabano tea because of the danger of chemical incompatibility. If at all, then take them at different times. But guyabano tea must be taken before meals.



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