Jose Jimenez: Life Without Art is Not Worth Living


Jose JimenezMany times, a child’s passion is influenced by his parents. We have seen so many successful people whose parents are in the same field where they excel. True enough, in the case of Jose Tolentino Jimenez, his love for art comes from his parents.

Born on August 8, 1958 in Obando, Bulacan from parents who unwittingly has kindled in him the passion for Art. His father paints – not on canvas but on houses  – and has been credited for teaching him how to mix and match colors. His mother, a teacher has always encouraged him to join “on-the-spot” painting contests which he wins constantly. And there is also the inspiration from an uncle who paints movie posters for theaters.  Given these inspiring background, he has decided to take up fine arts.

In 1982, he worked as an artist illustrator at the Philippine Council for Agriculture Resources Research and Development (PCARRD), and in 1986 he was at the National Science Technology Administration (NSTA) before he decided to be a Freelance Artist Designer doing props, billboards, and posters for various food chains in the country.

He also joined group exhibits and eventually became the founding member of the visual art group,  Sining Obando.  His group encouraged him to join national art exhibits which started his career as a fulltime painter concentrating on realistic style.

When his art was no longer enough to support his family, he returned to advertising but after twelve years, came back with a vengeance – he did commissioned portraits and joined art exhibits once more.

There is a need for him to express himself through his paintings, because as he says:  “Life without art is not worth living.”

Interview with Jose Jimenez  (found at “my art and profile“):

Tell me more about your Art?
Nothing extraordinary I just paint whatever catches my attention, something that inspires me and might also inspire others as realistic as I could.

What lesson would you like to impart to aspiring artist?
Never stop doing what makes you happy and never be affected by others.

Life without art is?
Not worth living…

In this vast changing world of technology how will you succeed your art?
In my long years of experience, I have survived my art, and I never lose hope of my capabilities to inspire others, that what makes me believe that my art will survive in the future.

Personal quote in regard to Art.
Representation of my craft, ideas, emotions, experiences and inspirations in one.

How do you handle negative criticisms in your Arts in a conservative religious country of yours?
My family is very religious, I was born and raised as a Catholic.  I do know my limitations in my art.

What is it that you would like to do but cannot in the Arts? Why?
Abstract painting maybe?  I don’t know, I just can’t do it.

If ever one of your art work was rejected by the public’s eye, how will you handle such rejection? And how will you win them?
In a positive way.  Because that means your art catches their attention.  I will respect their judgment.  I know I cannot please everybody.

Art is?
An expression of inner feelings.

Besides art I do?
Nothing, because every thing I do is related to art.

Who inspires you to create? Why?
My Creator, my way of thanking Him for giving this talent.
My family, especially my wife who always encourage me, support and inspires me.



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