Little Siawan

Little Siawan
Little Siawan

Hi, I am Little Siawan, the son of Ayong and Ingan. I am called Little Siawan because my late grandfather’s name is Siawan, and I am named after him.

My mother is the daughter of Apo Madallay, and the sister of Tio Agawe. My mother has Encantor power and I have power, too.

I know that I have Encantor power because sometimes it shows when I am playing. When I run so fast, my feet get off the ground like I am flying and when I try to lift heavy objects, I can lift them without much effort.

I have other powers that are usual for those who have Encantor blood but my mother tells me not to show off, and not to use them for fun and games.

You will meet me in Book 3. Tara is my cousin and one day, I hope my cousin and I can use our power to help mankind.

Mini Glossary:

Apo – grandmother or grandfather; also refers to a grandchild; can also be used to address a very old person not related to you as a sign of respect.
Tio – uncle

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