Liza Faunillan


Liza FaunillanIt’s very rare to meet a person skilled in so many disciplines of art. I am fortunate to make the acquaintance of one Liza Faunillan, a pastor and a prayer counselor, a writer and published author, a songwriter and a composer,  a recording artist,  and a visual artist.

Let me introduce this amazing all-around artist. Her name is Liza Faunillan and below is her Profile which she has written herself.  I have utmost admiration for published authors!

Pastor / Prayer Counselor
Finished her course in Christian Ministry at Immanuel Bible College in City in 1988.  She also trained for media ministry in APTS, Baguio City in 1993. Took a specialized training in prayer counseling under Nehemiah International  School of Ministry in Bordertown, South Australia in 2004.  Took BSIE subjects in MSU- MSAT in Maigo, Lanao del Norte in 2001 to 2003. She is now pastoring a Christian congregation in Kolambugan together with her husband and her mother.

Published Author
Her work “DANCING IN THE SON” is a Vacation Bible School teaching kit which includes all teachers manuals, a director’s handbook, art, activities and music, circulated nationwide in major Christian bookstores. The rights to the material are owned by the publisher, PCEP.

Published Recording Artist
Her first album HE LIFTED ME was released in 2010 under ETS Records. The album contains 9 of her original compositions and a 100 year old Christian hymn which she revised for the album. This song can be found in this youtube link

Songwriter / Composer
Has written more than 50 songs, some of which have already been published. In 1995 she wrote “It Takes A Little To Start” which reached top seven in the national search for the Volunteers Song launched within that year. In 1996 she composed the municipal hymn of Kolambugan, and not long after, composed the alma mater hymn of the town’s pilot school.
Liza Faunillan is also the composer of the alma mater song of Cebu Trinity School. She also writes Cebuano Worship songs, some of which are already sung in many Christian congregations. Liza Faunillan’s songs include unpublished romantic ballads, Christmas songs and musical, toddlers teaching songs and other genre songs.

Visual Artist
Has never been to formal art school, but started drawing as a toddler, practiced drawing human body parts when she was in grade one. She admired the sketches of Napoleon Abueva in her elementary years, and loved the  art of Joan Walsh Anglund. She is a member of BINHI group of Christian Artists in Cebu City, joined one exhibit in 2005 bearing the signature Liza Faunillan.



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