Maria Conception C. Talinao


Connie CabalarMaria Conception Talinao, aka Connie Cabalar was born in Makati City on December 8, 1976. Her love for arts started at a very young age and in the most peculiar way. When her parents would get into heated arguments or into a fight, she would escape into her room, grab a pencil and just start drawing. Her intention was to divert her mind from the situation outside her room, but little did she know that something in her started to develop – her passion for the visual arts.

She would have given anything to get into Fine Arts in college but like most Filipino youngsters whose families face financial setbacks, she had to give her dream up and follow a different path. She enrolled at the Pasig Catholic College and took a course in Business Administration major in computer management. While in college, she had to work to support her studies and slowly forgot about her love for drawing but in 2011, it came creeping back to her, nagging her to give it one more try.

She decided to research and self-study the basic techniques of charcoal and pastel using brush which eventually lead to oil. Her love for visual arts made her utilize these mediums brilliantly. When she suffered a stroke a decade ago,  she considered working on her art a good therapy for her recovery.

Until now, it still does – it relaxes her and makes her happy.

Her affiliations:

Member – Association Art of the Philippines (AAP) –November 2012

Member – Style, Strokes and Sketches Society – November 2012

Judge – Mural Competition in Pasig (2011)




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