Rafael Maniago: Global Pinoy


Rafael ManiagoHow many times have you stared at your own picture and think it does not do you justice? That it does not capture the real you? That’s what a camera does — it fails to capture what’s inside of you…

Do you want a picture that speaks volumes about you? Do you know how you can make that  happen? Why don’t you send your “flat” picture to someone who can make it alive on canvas? Or better yet – why don’t you sit with a pro to get yourself painted?

There is a professional artist who has been drawing since childhood. “My mother used to say I was born with a pencil, and I started to draw before I could even speak,” says the artist himself.

Rafael Maniago is named one of the eight Capampangans who have made marks in their respective fields and brought distinction to the country.  Rafael Maniago,  honored as a “Global Pinoy”  for his outstanding achievement in the world of arts  is considered by some art critics as the contemporary Amorsolo.

Rafael Maniago describes himself as an Artist, Art Instructor and a Capampangan Poet.

Born and raised in the Philippines. Studied Arts and Commercial Advertisement at the University of the East in Manila.  When he migrated to the US, he pursued further his passion for arts and enrolled at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design in California where he had taken residence.

These are just some of what people say about the consummate artist Rafael Maniago:

“His ability to capture the likeness of people is outstanding.”

“He portrays a person from within, and focuses not on the visible physical attributes. He depicts what radiates from the inside.”

Our very own Filipino artist Rafael Maniago is honored both in the US and in his hometown in Pampanga – truly the pride of Capampangans and Filipinos everywhere! Unrivalled! Unequaled! Unmatched in his ability to make a painting come to life!



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