Renso David


Renso David“All things in this world start from humble beginnings. Everyone comes into being with a naked body and a nameless personality. Such a simple truth, but it is powerful enough to amplify a more important reality that speaks of nothingness at birth. Therefore, each person is essentially an artist in his own right, capable of transforming his life from nothingness to a work of art, a masterpiece.”

These are the words that an artist by the name of Rene choose to live by. He is so much in love with art that he incorporates it to the very essence of life.

Rene S. David, or Ney as most people would call him, was born on April 20, 1960. Back then, he was so clueless about what he really wanted in life. He just knew that he was a child named Rene. Until one day, at about the age of five, his grandmother taught him how to properly hold a pencil and write. Upon being able to hold a pencil, however, something snapped in him. He suddenly felt an urge to draw just about anything. Seeing how Ney seemed to love doodling on practically every piece of paper that his hands got to, his grandmother served as the source of motivation which became necessary in building up his potentials. For this reason, he would often make reference to his childhood as the canvas where he learned the basics and initial strokes of art and life.

This fresh potential of his was further nurtured when he entered formal schooling. He took every chance to join competitions such as poster-making contests. Sometimes he won; sometimes he lost. To him, it did not really matter that much. As long as he’s capable of doing what he loved, he would be happy.

In June 1978, he took up Bachelor of Science in Architecture at National University. It wasn’t long when he felt that this course just did not fit him well. Although it involved drawing, he found it to be restricted in that it’s confined to buildings and infrastructures.

Due to some constraints, he was not able to pursue another course. Instead of wasting his time and staying home idly, he tried looking for a decent job. He landed as a comic illustrator.

In 1988, he moved to Guam in search of a greener pasture. There, he was able to work in various companies which include Tropic Tees Shirt Printing Company, Color Plus Sign Company, Designers Local Tees Company, Hakubotan Company, and Pacific Charlie. The tasks he successfully completed were designing brochures and promotional poster for key company clients; conceiving and furnishing the layout for children’s magazine; stylized lettering that was much appreciated when used in client projects; designing t-shirts and logos.

A period of global recession was experienced at around year 2002, the effects of which still felt up to the present. Because of this, he shifted from jobs related to visual arts to those involving construction, specifically working as a house painter. But then, this did not wreak havoc to his passion. Whenever he found free time, he indulged himself to sketching, painting, and digital arts. He even joined various internet groups where he could interact with fellow artists.

In the end, these experiences only proved the art of transforming life from nothingness to a masterpiece – that Rene who’s only a clueless child now became this defined Rene who found meaning and passion.

The above profile was written by Ney himself, making me wonder whether he is a visual artist or a writer… 🙂




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