Rodolfo R. Rodriguez


Rodolfo RodriguezRodolfo Regalado Rodriguez‘s artistic talent could have been inborn because after earning his bachelor’s degree in commerce, he landed a job as a staff artist for a big insurance company in Manila.

Based on raw skills alone, he was tasked to lead a group of artists to produce various training materials for the company. That position gave him an opportunity to enroll at the PWU College of Fine Arts night school and took a BFA course major in Painting.

After two years in art school, Rody gained enough skills which helped him start a career as a graphic artist in Saudi Arabia. In his spare time, he continued to improve his painting skills by entering community sponsored art competitions.

In the early 80’s, he got his first big break as a mural artist when he was chosen by master painter Leonardo T. Cruz to assist him in executing four large murals commissioned by the Philippine government for the Lung Center hospital in Quezon City.

Rodolfo refused to rest on his laurels — he developed the skill of illustrating single panel cartoons which won him awards in the World Cartoon Festival in Belgium. As a result, he received a lot of positive feedbacks and job offers, boosting his confidence as a cartoon illustrator even more.

Today, Rody as he is fondly called, is still working in Saudi Arabia as a graphics consultant at Saudi Aramco, but his dream to someday be able to paint full time, still lives on.


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