Rodolfo Samonte: Simply an Artist


Rodolfo SamonteI was awed, amazed,  and  astonished when I read the profile of Rodolfo Samonte –and I wondered how I can put to words his outstanding achievements in the field of art without repeating what has already been written about him in the Arts and Culture page of the Manila Bulletin.

That’s right! A whole page entitled Rodolfo Samonte: Master Digital Artist Comes Home was dedicated to this Filipino Artist when he put on an  “energized” exhibit of 30 digital art works in the Philippines last December 2011.

I am not into serious arts so I will not even pretend that I understand its technicalities especially when it involves “computer-aided geometric abstractions” (wow … that’s a mouthful) – but I do appreciate beauty so I might be able to add in some “Wow…”, “Amazing…”, “Beautiful…..” when asked what I think of an art work.

Now back to my dilemma – how can I give justice to this world-acclaimed artist and what words do I use to introduce him to the “masang Pilipino” who need to know that there is another reason we can be “Proud to be Pinoy”.

In an  interview done by one of the top art critics of the Philippines with Samonte for the book “Conversations on Philippine Art” published in 1989 by the Cultural Center of the Philippines –  Samonte opened up with:  “I prefer to be called simply an artist.”

With everything that he’s been into (printmaking, graphic designing, photography, lacquered relief painting, silkscreening,  doing woodcuts) — yes, he’s simply an Artist but add award-winning, international, world-class, superb, and all superlatives you can think of because that is all you can say when you see his works of art.

Here are some samples of Rod Samonte’s works. He calls these Painted Photographs:

Visit The Art of Rodolfo Samonte and The Photography of Rodolfo Samonte



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