Romeo Manalo Castro (aka Wally)


Wally CastroRomeo Manalo Castro ( a.k.a Wally )
Born on January 25, 1963 and raised in Pampanga
Studied Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the National University.
Married and blessed with  3 children –  now living in Pasay City with his family.

Visual artist, illustrator, interior and senior graphic designer in one of the private companies in Al Khobar K.S.A since 1995.

Draftsman & Mural artist, in Victoria Court & Anito Group Drive In Hotel Manila from Dec. 1985 to 1991.

First Art Group exhibit held in Jeddah Sept 2000 ( Kulay Pinoy )
Second was in Food & Art Gallery 12f GT Tower, Makati City April 2011 ( Lakbay Kulay Art Group )

Wally says:

“From a young age I had an interest in drawing and painting. As a child I spent many hours in my father’s barber shop observing him and drawing western cowboy while he is waiting for  costumers. Studied and developed the accomplished skills and techniques now so evident in my work. I have been influenced by the Filipino & Italian master painters.

I describe myself as a ‘contemporary realist’. Although my art appears detailed, it is not the detail that interests me, but rather to create paintings that look spontaneous and convey a sense of life. ‘My art covers many aspects of our nature and lifestyle’. Drawing forms the basis for all my work no matter the final medium or application. I’m interested in combining the experiences of observation and imagination and I’m inspired by the potential of small natural forms and structures to suggest vast or other worldly realms.

For me, art is a gift that comes from GOD, He is the Master Supreme Creator of all universe… love & share it … until now I’m still learning to create different dimensions of art.”



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