Setting Up Your Website


At this stage of the course you should have your website created!

Congratulations, this is a big accomplishment!

Looking back to 2002 when I started my career in Online Business it took me almost 4 weeks to figure out how to build a website, there were no tools like WordPress Express and websites had to be developed by coding manually!

How things have changed!

In this lesson we are going to be walking you through the process of getting your website set-up so it is ready for the search engines and also ready for you to start building out the content. I am also going to be walking you through the activation of your plugins and what they really do for your site.

I have created a Video walk-through for this lesson. Click below to watch the video below…


In this training video I am going to walk you through the process of initially setting up your website. I cover some of the main aspects of getting your website ready for content and ready to get indexed within the search engines (like Google).

Here are some of the topics that are going to be covered:

(1) How to access your WordPress admin area
(2) Understanding the different sections of WordPress
(3) What plugins are and the benefits of them
(4) Activating your WordPress plugins
(5) Removing the “default” dummy content installed with WordPress

Let’s start:

Login into your website admin area

In order to do this, you need to log into your website. This is very easy to do and can be done using the “Log In!” button (this is within the WA site).

Log in

This will automatically show you all your users you have associated with your website and from there you can log into your website. No need for manual logins!

From there you will have all the manual login details (and some more automated login buttons). Do know that if you change your password, the auto login buttons WILL NOT work and you will have to login manually using the Login Page.

Activate and Update Your Plugins

After you login, you will see your WordPress administration dashboard for your website (see below).


This may look completely foreign to you if you have never logged into a WordPress website before, but don’t worry, you will get the hang of this and there is a ton of help here within the community to work you through any questions/issues you may run into.

WordPress is the most powerful and widely used website platform in the world. It is used by over 30% of ALL websites (millions) and it also has a wide range of “add ons” known as plugins that you can use extend the functionality of your website.

When you install website here at WA we pre-install the most useful plugins with your website automatically and your first step is going to be activating these plugins.Plugins

To do this you will want to click on the Plugins tab within the menu.

You are going to want to go through and “Activate” the All in One SEO & the Exclude Pages from Navigation.

Delete default Posts, Pages and Comments

Every new WordPress website that you install will come with “default” content. You want to get rid of this content before you can start creating content that is relevant to your niche.

The first thing you want to do is delete the default post that is added with postseach website. Click on the Posts button, within the side menu.

This will take you to the posts page where you will go to see a list of all the posts on your website. A post is simply a content page on your site.

default post

Simply “mouse over” the post area and it will reveal the post management buttons. You will want to then click the “Trash” button. This will delete the default “Hello World!” post. Do the same with the “Pages” link as well.


**Do note that there may not be default Pages or Posts and if that is the case, just move on.

Now we are going to do the same thing with Comments. There is one default comment with every WordPress install. To manage your Comments simply click Comments within the commentsmenu.

Like the Posts page, this is where you will manage all of your websites comments. You will see the default comment showing there…

Like posts, you will simply “mouse over” the actual comment and the click the Trash button. This will delete the comment.trash comments

That is it for this lesson, you now have a live website that is set-up and ready to go. This is your own Internet “real estate”. You will use this website to connect with your niche and ultimately earn revenue through. This website is your foundation for building a successful online business!

Going forward we are going to be getting your website ready for search engines by making it SEO friendly! This is going to be critical to your success going forward.

Congratulations on finishing the first half of the Level 1 training. You are making wonderful progress! 🙂


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