Agawe: The Slave Prince


Hi, I am Agawe.

I grew up as a slave with slave parents and a slave grandmother. When I witnessed a tribal ritual, my life took a vicious turn. I was thrown into an adventure that had put my life in danger so many times.

I learned that I was not who I was made to believe. I took off to seek the truth about my roots but the truth was more devastating. I was doomed to die at birth because of a tribal belief that I could bring bad luck to my own family but destiny had a different plan for me.

At the end of Book 1, I and my real father had to battle it out to death. I became a datu when my father died and I was left to inherit his vast estate.

Just as I settled into my new life, adventure came calling and this time I and my friends, Ayong and Gayon entered a supernatural world to risk our lives battling with evil. There we met friends who helped us succeed in our fight against evil. The best thing is that I met a warrior named Atina who would become so much a part of my life.

Also in Book 2, I am introduced to more surprises about my real heritage. It seems that my mother is no ordinary human which makes me no ordinary human. It’s too much for me because I am a simple man, all I want is a simple life in a world where humans live simple lives with their families. With the help of my friends, the truth has become easier to accept, especially when my friends and I are hailed as a heroes.

Truth be told, there are advantages to being an extraordinary human, but it does not make you happier. Happiness still lies in love within your family, and friends, of course.

Please join me in another adventure when Book 3 comes out.

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Agawe: Adventures in the Spirit World

P r o l o g u e

“The Encantor King escaped?” Buso King exploded.

“Don’t worry!  The spell has surely weakened him…”

“Fools! You Tagamalings are fools! Did your godly nature come over you and let him escape?” the Buso King growled. Continue reading “Agawe: Adventures in the Spirit World”