The Adventures in the Spirit World eBook

Agawe Book 2: Adventures in the Spirit World is available in eBook:

The disappearance of young girls from Agawe’s neighboring villages triggered a quest which threw him in the midst of an adventure that put his life and the lives of his friends in peril. They found amazing and powerful allies who added excitement into their adventures in the spirit world.

Agawe Book 2 eBook



The Adventures of the Slave Prince in eBook

The Adventures of the Slave Prince is available in ebook:

Long ago, there lived an aboriginal tribe in the highlands of southern Philippines whose culture included a caste system where the datu occupied the highest strata, followed by the warriors, then the common tribal members, and the slaves called al-lang. It was in this setting that Agawe grew up and was thrown into an adventure which changed his destiny.

Agawe 1 eBook