Tani Santos


Tani SantosAn article published in “History of Filipino Comics and Other Countries in the 80s” featured among others Tani Santos as an comics illustrator. This undergraduate from the Feati University College of Fine Arts started contributing his illustrations to the komiks-magazine in 1972. He did illustrations for short stories, cover designs and spot illustrations.  His works were published by the following publications:

Ace Publications
Atlas Publishing
Graphic Arts Service, Inc.
Rex Publications

Tani was doing good in the field of comics but in 1975, he decided to go into the advertising art which became his specialization.

The article chronicled Tani’s success in the advertising field. He was taken in as junior artist by Philconsultants, Inc. The following year, he climbed a step up the advertising ladder and became a senior artist for Link Advertising.  He transferred to the Reach Advertising in 1977 and went on to become the Associate Art Director until May, 1983. Included in his duties were the supervision of shooting for visual aids and print ads, aside from visualization of thematic designs, logos, and other art requirements.

At the time the article was written, Tani Santos was connected with Colgate-Palmolive as art designer. While he succeeded in advertising,  he continued to contribute his illustrations to the various komiks-magazines.

In 1992, he worked as Senior Art Director for McCann-Erickson Phils. And in 1993, he also worked for McCann Erickson. He left these companies in 1998 and opted to become a freelance art director and storyboard artist.



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