My name is Tara. I am the daughter of the Prince of Encantor.

My mother is a warrior. With the Encantor blood in me, I have power like any other Encantor but the Queen of Diwata Land has given me wisdom and power that is beyond those of my ancestors.

I was born to a happy family with my Inna and my Amma who love me so much but suddenly life has taken a bizarre turn when I realized that I have lost my father.

At three years old, I possess wisdom that is beyond anyone my age and I know that if I want to bring my father back, I have to use that wisdom to fully unlock my power and try to use and control it.

By the way, I am very good with bows and arrows and you meet me in Book 3. See you!

Mini Glossary:

Inna – mother
Amma – father
Diwata – gods

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